After studying linguistics and phonetics in France, and then doing post doctoral research in Japan (speech production and vowel analysis) I became a teacher at a Japanese college. I teach mainly French pronunciation and I have created a large number of exercises on pronunciation. Some of these exercises are on Japanese sites. Recently, preparing for the academic year (which begins in April in Japan), I started to create new exercises for my students and I uploaded them on YouTube. Then I got the idea to get rid of the Japanese titles of the videos and to erase the Japanese translations of the French words in order to introduce the pronunciation videos to a more diverse audience.

This blog is mainly devoted to French pronunciation through intensive use of these YouTube videos, presented in a progressive manner (vowels, nasal vowels, semi-vowels, consonants, consonant clusters). The videos will be accompanied by a few lines of basic explanations in simple French (category FRANÇAIS FACILE).

Whenever I have time, I will write more detailed articles in English. Finally, to the attention of teachers of French as a Foreign Language and students already able to read French, I’ll add more technical articles on the pronunciation (category POUR LES PROFS). Eventually, I’ll add the audio files of these videos (as downloadable mp3) and many other exercises, but altogether this forms a long run project.

Anyway, I think that even without reading the explanations, the regular use of these exercises is an effective way to improve the pronunciation.

You can be kept informed of updates of this site and of my other educational activities by following my twitter account, @Eric_FLE.