In today’s video, letters of the French alphabet are presented from the most difficult to learn to the easiest to remember.

(Further comments below the video.) 

For students of French as a foreign language

If a Search Engine led you to this site, and if this page is the first you visit, may I suggest you to read my previous article and watch the video presented earlier.
Today’s video starts with the letters that my students find more difficult : G, J, E, R, U, Q, W, and Y.
After these 7 letters, you will practice 5 relatively easy letters : A, I, H, K, and X.
They are followed by 6 easy consonants : B, C, D, P, T, and V.
The video ends with the easiest letters : they have almost the same name in French and in English (F, L, M, N, O, S, and Z, the latter, in the British pronunciation).

Since this is the last lesson dealing with French letters, I have inserted two seconds of silence between the appearance of the letters on the screen and the audio-visual aids (an International Phonetic Alphabet symbol and an approximate pronunciation word in plain English) . You should try to read aloud the letters before you listen to their pronunciation, and, after listening to it, repeat the letters again if you think you need to.