Today’s video shows two-syllable words formed with previously presented voyels (A, E, É, I, O, U, and Y) and easy consonants (B, D, F and so on).

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For students of French as a foreign language

This is my second video for total beginners who want to learn how to read French letters. If you don’t understand French at all, just watch the video, listen to the words and repeat them. All the words begin with easy consonants (b, d, f) and contain only the 7 vowels presented previously. The words are pronounced slowly and you should try to repeat them the best you can, but keep in mind that this set of video exercices was created to get you used with the rules of French reading, not to improve your pronunciation .

What I call easy consonants does not mean that they are easy to pronounce, nor that they are pronounced as in English. Their reading is easy. 3 criteria define an easy to read consonant:

1- it is very commonly used in French (B and D are frequent but K and W are rare)

2- it has only one pronunciation (B and D are easy, but C and S are not)

3- it is written with one single letter and shows only one sound (Q or X do not follow this criterion)

The problem of silent consonants at the end of the French words will be explained later.