Today YouTube movie shows 8 « special » consonants in short words (this consonants are C, G, H, K, Q, S, W, and X). 

For students of French as a foreign language

At this stade of your study, you don’t have to understand the words, but just to become able to read them correctly.

Here are some information about what make these consonants special.

C and G have two different readings depending on the following vowel.

H is always silent in French.

K and W are very rare in originally French words.

Q is always linked to the vowel U at the beginning and within words.

S is not difficult in the beginning of a word, since it is always pronounced [s], but S between two vowels is pronounced [z] (this reading will been shown in another video).

X has several pronunciations. For now, I can show only the beginning of two words (xenophobe and xylophone) whose two pronunciations [ks] and [gz] are allowed. I will show later other readings.