This video presents the name of the vowels A, E, I, O, U, and Y, as well as É (E carrying an acute accent), and the easiest combinations of vowels and consonants in words like papa, dodo and so on. 

For students of French as a foreign language

This is the first of a set of video exercices created for students of French as a Foreign Language who want to learn the basics of French reading in a systematic and yet easy way.

This video shows very easy to read words consisting of 2 and 4 letters, one-syllable words (consonant-vowel, abbreviated as CV ) and two-syllable words (CVCV), where the two syllables are identical.

Note that there are very few examples of short words with the letter Y in French, thus leading me to present the name of two French small cities (Gy and Py and no word following the pattern CyCy